History of the Grace Center

In the early 2000s, healthcare restrictions began making it difficult for student nurses/healthcare students to be able to experience hands-on practice. Enter both Ruth Brooks and Bunny Kastenbaum, pioneers in the use of simulated learning. In the early 2000s, Kastenbaum and Brooks led the college down an innovative path that would revolutionize the way students learned/practiced as they earned their degrees. Kastenbaum and Brooks convinced the college to purchase a single high-fidelity manikin, and it wasn't long before more manikins were purchased. This innovation has since evolved into a 45,000 square-foot, 11 inpatient suite learning environment that produces over 70,000 student hours per year. The Grace Center provides a safe and positive environment, which is driven by specialized Nurse Faculty. Would you like a tour of our amazing campus? Contact Us today.


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ASU named the center to honor Charlene’s mother, Grace Converse, who realized a lifelong ambition to be a nurse. Grace served the medical profession in many capacities, including as a surgical-floor nurse and as a member of the team that opened the burn unit of Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

The center that bears her name is elevating academic practices through state-of-the-art simulation environments. Simulation learning, guided by clinical experts with specialized expertise, enhances clinical decision-making skills and exposes students to a variety of scenarios in safe learning environments.

The Grace Center for Innovation in Nursing Education offers graduate-level degree programs in simulation, in addition to nurse practitioner and Ph.D. programs. Since its launch, the center has enabled the college to forge strong partnerships in nursing education and to offer specialized training in areas such as geriatric nursing, dementia care, and many other fields of nursing.

As a vital part of the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, the Grace Center is transforming treatment and care for all patients by preparing nursing students for successful and impactful careers, increasing the number of graduating nurses from ASU and advancing nursing degrees.

ASU is pleased to collaborate with Edsons to elevate the nursing sciences. Their vision and support will help fill a national need for highly trained nurses and will ultimately raise nurses’ stature within healthcare teams.