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Grace Center providing virtual simulation learning

J Smith

The Grace Center for Innovation in Nursing Education at Arizona State University quickly adapts to Novel Coronavirus Pandemic and implements high-quality virtual simulation learning.

Experiential Learning is hands-on deliberate practice of clinical skills and high fidelity simulation in realistic environments with increasing complexity. Students develop and practice critical thinking, clinical reasoning, team skills, communication, and safe practice. The timeline to covert to online began with the prep of alternative activities that were available from various sources around the country over spring break. By Monday, when students returned from break on March 16th, the Term 6 faculty trialed an online format with the assistance of Sim Nurse. Once Edson College meetings concluded that evening, we decided that all events for Tuesday move to an online format. Beginning Tuesday morning at 0630 Term 7 faculty joined the Grace Center team to ensure all have access to Zoom and understand how the day would unfold. We were still able to have Term 8 mentors on campus to help with video and zoom. By the end of the first week, we had operationalized 1650 student hours of learning in this new format.

What is the same: We used Sim Chart as the electronic health record, current cases, concept mapping, and scenes within the event.

What is different: With the use of a PowerPoint to keep flow with a patient and pertinent information like wrist bands, pictures of room and equipment. Helper slides for expected behaviors in the online environment, annotation features, and screen sharing. The students showed an increased level of critical thinking because they had to use their critical thinking to explain all activities such as I am placing the diaphragm of my stethoscope. They still go into a sim activity with another student for psychological safety.

The Edson team has learned to be good with Zoom features finding a different way to keep learners engaged such as polling, and the debriefing sessions. The use of interactive videos by course faculty to operationalize clinical skills labs. We moved into 2200 student hours in the next week and we move forward with positive student feedback